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Kyle Snow

Kyle Snow

¡Buenos dias, Journeyers! My name is Kyle Snow, and I don't speak Spanish. My beautiful Puerto Rican wife of three and a half years named Patty likes to make fun of me because I can't roll my Rs. We've actually done word exercises to help me learn to roll my tongue but to no avail. We have a 2-year-old son named Ezra, and I have no trouble pronouncing his name. My favorite meal of the day is second breakfast, and I am not embarrassed to say that I put cream AND sugar in my coffee.

November 16, 2017


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Proverbs 23:12-21

12 Apply your heart to instruction
and your ear to words of knowledge.
13 Do not withhold discipline from a child;
if you strike him with a rod, he will not die.
14 If you strike him with the rod,
you will save his soul from Sheol.
15 My son, if your heart is wise,
my heart too will be glad.
16 My inmost being [1] will exult
when your lips speak what is right.
17 Let not your heart envy sinners,
but continue in the fear of the Lord all the day.
18 Surely there is a future,
and your hope will not be cut off.

19 Hear, my son, and be wise,
and direct your heart in the way.
20 Be not among drunkards [2]
or among gluttonous eaters of meat,
21 for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty,
and slumber will clothe them with rags. (ESV)


[1] 23:16 Hebrew My kidneys
[2] 23:20 Hebrew those who drink too much wine


Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.